About Us

Visualise in Motion CIC is centred around helping those at the early stages of their creative careers by offering services and experiences that make access to information and skills as frictionless as possible.

We do this by using events, online courses, project-based learning and creative briefs to foster active participation whilst learning.



"Creating access to enriching experiences in relation to social, cultural and economic capital is vital for the betterment of society. There’s a whole section of society that is unable to engage in certain discussions or experiences due to them not having the social, cultural and economic capital to take part. As a society we end up missing out on so many different perspectives by not levelling the playing field. With Visualise in Motion we'll be able to build a community of confident, employable and competent individuals who are able to navigate the creative industry feeling prepared and supported."
Fiona Aber - Taruona - Founder of Visualise in Motion